Seneca College
School of Media
Broadcasting - Television Diploma Program (RTVT /RTYT)
Journalism Broadcasting Diploma Program (JRN / JRNY)
Broadcasting - Radio Diploma Program (RTVR / RTYR)
Field Placement Information Package

During the final year of your program, you must complete a minumum of 100 hours of field work in the Broadcast industry in your area of studies.  Therefore, Journalism Broadcast students must do placements in radio, television or cable news rooms.  Broadcasting - Radio students must have placements at a radio station. Broadcasting - Television students need placements in television production areas. For help with your cover letters and resumes, check out Seneca's career services department.

note: Some placements require additional documantional like the Work/Education Placement Agreement and/or the Seneca Insurance letter.  Please select the links, and print what you require.

Step 1
Send a personal cover letter and your complete resume along with the "Field Placement Information for Employers" page to suitable field placement positions in your area of study.
Step 2
Follow up the letters with phone calls and get accepted by one of the positions.
Step 3
Have your potential field placement supervisor fill out the "Request for Field Placement Approval Form".
Step 4
Return the "Request for Field Placement Approval Form" to your program Coordinator for their signature.
Step 5
Give the "Employer Field Placement Report" to your supervisor.
Step 6
Complete your "Student Daily Diary" during your 100 hours, which must be also signed by your supervisor.
Step 7
Complete your typed, 1double-spaced, two page essay about the placement and submit both essay and diary within 7 days of completion of the field placement.